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Prof. Dr. David Wirmer

Arabic and Jewish Philosophy of the Middle Ages

Recent Publications

  • Gersonides' Afterlife. Studies on the Reception of Levi ben Gerson’s Philosophical, Halakhic and Scientific Oeuvre in the 14th through 20th Centuries (Officina Philosophica Hebraica 2), Hrsg. Ofer Elior, Gad Freudenthal, David Wirmer. Leiden: Brill, 2020.
  • "Arabic Philosophy and the Art of Reading. I. Political Philosophy", in: Jean-Baptiste Brenet, Olga Lizzini (eds.), La philosophie arabe à l’étude. Sens, limites et défis d’une discipline moderne, Paris: Vrin, 2019, 179–250.
  • "The World and the Eye. Perplexity about Ends in Guide III.13 and III.25", in: Daniel Davies, Charles Manekin (eds.), Interpreting Maimonides: Critical Essays, Cambridge 2018, 171–189.
  • "Averroes on Knowing Essences", in: Peter Adamson, Matteo Di Giovanni (eds.), Interpreting Averroes: Critical Essays, Cambridge 2018, 116–137.

Main Research Topics

  • Arabic Philosophy from al-Andalus
  • Jewish Philosophy, especially 13th to 15th century Hebrew texts
  • Natural Philosophy and Epistemology (Ancient and Medieval)