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»Thomae Eboracensis Sapientiale«

Die Edition der Thomae Eboracensis Sapientiale, Liber I, capp. 1-18 von Fiorella Retucci ist in der Reihe Corpus Philosophorum Medii Aevi, Testi e Studi im SISMEL Verlag erschienen.


The Sapientiale, a work composed by the English Franciscan Thomas of York, represents the first attempt at metaphysical systematization of the 13th century. The work, which has remained completely unpublished until today, is handed down in three manuscripts from the 13th-14th centuries. The volume presented here offers the text of the first book (chapters 1-18) in a critical edition. The proposed critical edition seeks to return the work to its dynamic condition, reconstructing the textual genesis and the continuous flow of movements and improvements made by the author to the text. The edition is completed by a rich apparatus of sources, where the philosophical and doctrinal background of the author is documented.